Full Moon Paddle Glow

Early Native Americans used to refer to the Full Moon in January as the Full Wolf Moon.  It is also known as the Old Moon. 

Follow the linkto MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights into the September Lunar Eclipe. http://www.mysticmamma.com/lunar-eclipse-full-moon-in-pisces-september-16th-2016/

Join Sera this January 12th for an unforgettable experience during our Full Moon Paddle Glow.  Celebrate the glorious colors of the sun setting into calm water.  Afterwards, explore with your guide, the mysterious, shallow, coastal waters.  Witness creatures who thrive there with provided underwater illumination. 

Drop-anchor meditation provided as the moon rises and the stars shine. 

Our Full Moon Paddle fills up quickly, so register in advance. Cost is $75 per person.  (Discounts available if you have your own gear.)  It is a 2 hour class (5-7PM) launching from the pristine beach of Bahia Honda State Park. 




Happy Holidays

Down here in the Keys it's easy to NOT get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  That's not to say we don't celebrate.  We just do in in our own Keysy sort of way.  Lighted boat parades, flip-flop clad Santas and crab trap Christmas trees are just a few of the ways we make our spirit bright. 

While we are so blessed to enjoy the islands year round, we invite you do to the same.  Find your island, your outdoors and be there.  Find a present moment in the nature that surrounds you.  Let the chaos of holiday cheer reseed to the background and take in your surroundings. 

If it's cold, rainy or even dark outside.  Allow yourself a few moments, or a few breaths of intentional energy to be where you are.  Connect with the environment that you are a part of.  Take an exhilarating walk through the snow, stomp in a puddle or look at the stars. 

Connect.  Find your serenity. 


What is Eco Therapy?


Have you ever noticed that your mind is calmer after a day on the water or in the woods compared to a day spent indoors?  The term 'eco therapy' might sound radical, but what you already know what it means.  

Eco psychologists look at how nature deprivation and exposure impacts the human psyche.  Application of this new field, referred to as Eco Therapy, or Nature Therapy, harnesses the tremendous healing power of nature for the mind, body and soul to improve quality of life. The practice of connecting with nature is organic, personal and can be facilitated by a trustworthy guide.   

As a paddleboard and kayak guide with a background in clinical mental health, I witness this phenomenon every day while navigating the mangroves of the Florida Keys.  Physically, the body relaxes as the breath lengthens when we enter the veil of turquoise reflections found at the heart of this unique eco system.  It's easier to let go of to lists and experience relief from the symptoms of stress, including depression and anxiety, when you are exploring new sights sounds, and tastes.  Feel your spirits soar as you come in contact with the creatures of the Caribbean near-shore environment including crabs, sponges, and jellyfish.  As your guide and friend, it is my job to take you into this adventure, out of your comfort zone, and back again safely. 

The benefits of going quiet in nature are vast and have no side effects, other than quitting your day job.  Generally, we see that the mind/nature connection increase over all well-being and promotes the release of stress and tension from the body.  Just a few hours a week has been shown to improve quality ofsleep, mood, metabolism, blood pressure and has a positive impact on behavior disorders such as ADHD. 

Eco Therapy is an effective life-style health solution that needs no prescription and does not come in a bottle. 

~Mermaid Sera



It's a magical, yet hectic time of year.  We want to help with that.  Serenity offers a great experience as a holiday gift this season.

Check out our Groupon Deal for the holidays.  Click the link to purchase, or call Serenity today. https://www.groupon.com/deals/serenity-eco-guides-llc


Finding a Serene Moment

The philosophy behind SET therapy doesn't just apply to practice on the board. 
We encourage our students to get outside in nature every day.  That is the therapy.  Connecting with the natural world around us. 

Our guides are passionate about the environment and how we relate to it.  The tools you will receive in one of our classes will help you feel more at peace even after you are off the water or mat. 

If you can't make it to a class~ take a walk, gaze at the stars, feel the sand between your toes or listen to the rain fall.  Allow yourself to be present for a moment.  Open your awareness to the nature that is around you. 

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Meet our Admin Partner

Summer is a terrific example of a woman who practices yoga as a lifestyle. She began the path of peace 20 years ago when she unrolled her first mat & fell in love with yoga. She went on to complete her 200 hr certification in Vinyasa at Aura Wellness Center.  She followed her Yoga Training with a certification in the Serenity method of SET therapy. 

She is a sometimes gypsy in love with travel, and along with her husband and daughter settled down in Marathon after adventures afloat followed by journeys cross-country (Airabess.blogspot.com).

She believes that everyone has great potential.  We just need the courage to allow ourselves the space to let go and try. That is the space she holds while teaching, in her own practice and in life. She offers challenging 'On-the-Mat' classes rooted in Ashtanga~ infused with laughter, play and spontaneity with modifications for ALL levels.  Her enthusiasm for the environment is palpable in her SET therapy classes on the board.  


It's a family affair as well.  She home schools her beautiful daughter Chloe while running the admin part of Serenity Eco Guides.  On Saturdays she and her daughter can be found teaching Kid Paddle together. 

Many students of the Middle Keys already know her uniquely effective teaching style & passion for inversions from participating in her out door 'On-the-Mat' flow at Oceanfront Park as well as on the beach at Curry Hammock State Park.

One of her regular students Ms. Cleona Charles quotes "Taking yoga classes with Summer makes me feel like the balanced & strong woman that I am. Thanks to her guidance, I've realized more of what I'm made of-that I'm capable of postures I never would have tried on my own!"

Summer's take on yoga. "I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. I took my first hatha yoga class just out of high school. Since then, my practice has moved to the more intense Ashtanga and vinyasa flow and back again. I feel that no matter the circumstances in life , there is always a method and a practice that I need. One thing I have learned is that no matter where I am, as long as I have my mat or board, I can find my center."

Summer's experience & empathetic heart allows her to understand the difference between what the student wants & what the student needs from practice. She will blow you away beach side, in the water & on-board in the Middle Keys!

Meet Our Founder

Sarah Sullivan grew up in the farmland under the Green Mountains of Vermont. Sarah has always show an enormous energy level for endurance activity. She was a competitive swimmer, cross-country runner and enjoyed free-style snow boarding year round.

Sarah received her BS in Psychology w/ a minor in environmental chemistry from UVM and studied International Business in Sweden when she was 20 years old. In the summer of 2010 Sarah took a one way flight to Cancun. She lived happily in the jungle of the Riviera Maya learning Spanish, while facilitating snorkeling & zipline day tours with a private Mexican outfitter.

In 2012 Sarah began practicing yoga for clarity. The practice helped her make the personal decision to combine her studies & experience into a unique career in Ecopsychology.

Another one way ticket found Sarah in the Florida Keys with the intent to start a PhD and write a book on the efficacy of an original therapeutic paddling program for kids with ADHD, low self-esteem, anxiety, & depression*. (Where did this idea come from specifically?) What is the asterick denoting? Not in the document. Will address at end of piece when clarified.

Sarah started a life from scratch in the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key and pursued the training she would need for her future company. She focused on learning the nuances of The Florida Keys ecosystem paddling with author & kayak guide Captain Bill Keogh in the quiet back country of No Name Key. Sarah accredits her skill in back country navigation/risk assessment to many working hours of sea time with Big Pine Kayak Adventures. This experience helped her to obtain her 6-Pack Captains License.

From 2012 to late 2014, Sarah was also working in Psycosocial Rehab Counseling at the NPO Personal Growth Center for disabled adults in Marathon, FL. This position earned her equivalent experience to a masters in counseling and taught her how to be responsible for the treatment planning & facilitation of a day program for mentally disabled adults. Sarah’s developing passion for healing in nature led her to apply for & received a $5,000 county grant which she used to construct an on site Horticultural Healing program that is still helping the members of PGC cope with their symptoms to this day.

In the spring of 2014, Sarah had fallen in love with the warm tranquil turquoise waters and dedicated her self to yoga as a lifestyle. She resigned from clinical practice to pursue holistic methods of healing. This intention led her to receive professional certifications in Yoga Therapeutics from the Amrit Yoga Institute in the Ocala National Forest and Paddleboard Yoga from Lazy Dog in Key West.

Enlightened, enthusiastic and balanced, 26 year-old Sarah founded Serenity Eco Therapy (SET). Sarah is dedicated to facilitating the mind-nature connection using the board as her desk & platform to teach from. Sarah defines her business style as organic & entrepreneurial.

Serenity (SET) is the exclusive Paddleboard Yoga Outfitter of Bahia Honda State Park , thanks to a permit written in collaboration with Brittany Burtner. SET has a fleet of fiber glass paddleboards and kayaks that are used for on-board fitness and SUP athletes.

Most recently Sarah has formed Serenity Eco Guides LLC. The company manages the business aspects of SET and utilizes the SET practices established by Sarah. The company continues to grow and expand, offering therapeutic opportunities beyond the practice of yoga.

Sarah loves to teach others how to help them selves in nature by pointing out the beautiful symbiotic relationships that tantalize the senses. Her original guided meditation harmonizes the energy centers of the body and has a powerful way of reminding you who you truly are.