Meet Our Founder

Sarah Sullivan grew up in the farmland under the Green Mountains of Vermont. Sarah has always show an enormous energy level for endurance activity. She was a competitive swimmer, cross-country runner and enjoyed free-style snow boarding year round.

Sarah received her BS in Psychology w/ a minor in environmental chemistry from UVM and studied International Business in Sweden when she was 20 years old. In the summer of 2010 Sarah took a one way flight to Cancun. She lived happily in the jungle of the Riviera Maya learning Spanish, while facilitating snorkeling & zipline day tours with a private Mexican outfitter.

In 2012 Sarah began practicing yoga for clarity. The practice helped her make the personal decision to combine her studies & experience into a unique career in Ecopsychology.

Another one way ticket found Sarah in the Florida Keys with the intent to start a PhD and write a book on the efficacy of an original therapeutic paddling program for kids with ADHD, low self-esteem, anxiety, & depression*. (Where did this idea come from specifically?) What is the asterick denoting? Not in the document. Will address at end of piece when clarified.

Sarah started a life from scratch in the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key and pursued the training she would need for her future company. She focused on learning the nuances of The Florida Keys ecosystem paddling with author & kayak guide Captain Bill Keogh in the quiet back country of No Name Key. Sarah accredits her skill in back country navigation/risk assessment to many working hours of sea time with Big Pine Kayak Adventures. This experience helped her to obtain her 6-Pack Captains License.

From 2012 to late 2014, Sarah was also working in Psycosocial Rehab Counseling at the NPO Personal Growth Center for disabled adults in Marathon, FL. This position earned her equivalent experience to a masters in counseling and taught her how to be responsible for the treatment planning & facilitation of a day program for mentally disabled adults. Sarah’s developing passion for healing in nature led her to apply for & received a $5,000 county grant which she used to construct an on site Horticultural Healing program that is still helping the members of PGC cope with their symptoms to this day.

In the spring of 2014, Sarah had fallen in love with the warm tranquil turquoise waters and dedicated her self to yoga as a lifestyle. She resigned from clinical practice to pursue holistic methods of healing. This intention led her to receive professional certifications in Yoga Therapeutics from the Amrit Yoga Institute in the Ocala National Forest and Paddleboard Yoga from Lazy Dog in Key West.

Enlightened, enthusiastic and balanced, 26 year-old Sarah founded Serenity Eco Therapy (SET). Sarah is dedicated to facilitating the mind-nature connection using the board as her desk & platform to teach from. Sarah defines her business style as organic & entrepreneurial.

Serenity (SET) is the exclusive Paddleboard Yoga Outfitter of Bahia Honda State Park , thanks to a permit written in collaboration with Brittany Burtner. SET has a fleet of fiber glass paddleboards and kayaks that are used for on-board fitness and SUP athletes.

Most recently Sarah has formed Serenity Eco Guides LLC. The company manages the business aspects of SET and utilizes the SET practices established by Sarah. The company continues to grow and expand, offering therapeutic opportunities beyond the practice of yoga.

Sarah loves to teach others how to help them selves in nature by pointing out the beautiful symbiotic relationships that tantalize the senses. Her original guided meditation harmonizes the energy centers of the body and has a powerful way of reminding you who you truly are.