What is Eco Therapy?


Have you ever noticed that your mind is calmer after a day on the water or in the woods compared to a day spent indoors?  The term 'eco therapy' might sound radical, but what you already know what it means.  

Eco psychologists look at how nature deprivation and exposure impacts the human psyche.  Application of this new field, referred to as Eco Therapy, or Nature Therapy, harnesses the tremendous healing power of nature for the mind, body and soul to improve quality of life. The practice of connecting with nature is organic, personal and can be facilitated by a trustworthy guide.   

As a paddleboard and kayak guide with a background in clinical mental health, I witness this phenomenon every day while navigating the mangroves of the Florida Keys.  Physically, the body relaxes as the breath lengthens when we enter the veil of turquoise reflections found at the heart of this unique eco system.  It's easier to let go of to lists and experience relief from the symptoms of stress, including depression and anxiety, when you are exploring new sights sounds, and tastes.  Feel your spirits soar as you come in contact with the creatures of the Caribbean near-shore environment including crabs, sponges, and jellyfish.  As your guide and friend, it is my job to take you into this adventure, out of your comfort zone, and back again safely. 

The benefits of going quiet in nature are vast and have no side effects, other than quitting your day job.  Generally, we see that the mind/nature connection increase over all well-being and promotes the release of stress and tension from the body.  Just a few hours a week has been shown to improve quality ofsleep, mood, metabolism, blood pressure and has a positive impact on behavior disorders such as ADHD. 

Eco Therapy is an effective life-style health solution that needs no prescription and does not come in a bottle. 

~Mermaid Sera