Featuring an award winning beach and historic bridge, Bahia Honda State Park at mile marker 37 has become a favorite destination for visitors and island locals alike. The park, encompassing over 500 acres and an offshore island offers some of the best snorkeling and beachcombing in Florida. The iconic crumbling bridge provides the backdrop for rejuvenation. 


No Name Key is an island located in the lower Florida Keys. It is 3 miles from US1 and sparsely populated with only 43 homes. It is a fairly small island in comparison to its neighbor, Big Pine Key, which lies about a half mile to its west. It is accessible by Overseas Highway, that connects the small island with Big Pine Key.

No Name Key was known for not being connected to the commercial power grid as a local county ordinance prohibited it. Residents mostly used a combination of solar energy and diesel or gas generators.

Native residents of No Name Key include the endangered Key deer.


The Ocala National Forest ls the second largest nationally protected forest in Florida. It covers 607 square miles (1,570 km2) of Central Florida. The Ocala National Forest, established in 1908, is the oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River,  and the southernmost national forest in the continental U. S..The Ocala Forest is also known for having over 600 natural lakes and ponds. Between the river boundaries of this Forest lie central highlands, coastal lowlands, swamps, springs, and hundreds of lakes and ponds.


Jungles, Beaches, and Caves!

5 days and 4 nights of yoga, paddle boarding, zip lining, snorkeling, and more. 

Your Serenity Eco Guide will translate and connect you with the local Mayan and Mexican culture. Bring your underwater flashlight to explore the hydrogeological history of the area snorkeling underground through the limestone cenotes. Accommodations provided and retreats are limited to 6 people at a time.



New Locations in the Middle Keys!  Call for details.